We are here right now because of the power of one woman - Betty Taufoou. When Betty became a mother to both T [LEMO Founder and Executive Director] and his sister, Trina, the movement naturally began. Betty created a nurturing environment where she inspired her kids to dream big, while instilling the philosophy that LEMO lives by today, “Don’t expect to accomplish your dreams if you’re not willing to help others accomplish theirs.”

As a single mother with no family except for her two kids, Betty had to be very crafty, resourceful and strategic in order to survive. She was the architect for both T and Trina, creating a purposeful blueprint for them to follow that shaped who they are today. She was a forward-thinking and hard-working woman who believed in “coloring outside the lines”. Regardless of the cards she was dealt, Betty was able to shut out the noise and create a positive space to raise her children despite challenging circumstances. She did not have the luxury of having a Plan B, so she kept her eraser handy when situations needed to change.


Betty’s spirit lives on today through the lives and activities of T, Trina & the LEMO Foundation. Thanks to our generous supporters, LEMO is able to reach a broader group of kids – touching and changing lives every day. We are excited to continue the legacy Betty began.